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In 1995, Tru-Form Construction Inc. introduced itself to the Black Hills area as a small-scale concrete contractor.  Today, TFC can provide quality civil, structural, and architectural concrete for any size project at a very fair price.

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Civil Construction

The bulk of TFC’s portfolio so far has been made up of civil concrete construction. Tru-Form Construction, Inc. has the capability to pour large portions of curb & gutter, concrete paving, and sidewalks thanks to our Gomaco pavers. We have become proficient in building sanitary sewer inlet structures and have also been known to head pavement rehab projects around the region.

Structural Concrete

Along with civil concrete construction, structural concrete makes up a large portion of TFC’s capabilities. We can easily build footings, foundations, piers, structural columns, and retaining walls using our Symons or Gates forming systems.

Architectural Concrete

While this area of expertise makes up only a small portion of our portfolio, we are more than capable of making your architectural and decorative concrete project a reality. We have experience using stains, colored concrete, decorative forming techniques, and decorative finishing techniques such as stamping and exposed aggregate surfacing.

Whatever your concrete needs are, Tru-Form Construction, Inc. will gladly take on the challenge. Contact us today to speak with an estimator and see what we have to offer.

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