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Tru-Form Construction, Inc. has built one duplex and one six-unit apartment complex in Rapid City, SD. TFC was the general contractor on both projects and was responsible for overseeing all phases of the projects from start to finish. Along with being responsible for the buildings’ construction, Tru-Form Construction, Inc. also participated in the design, implementation, and close-out stages of the projects.

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TFC has also been responsible for the completion of some commercial and government buildings throughout South Dakota. In 2011, TFC completed the Sioux Falls Open MRI project. As the general contractor, Tru-Form Construction, Inc. was responsible for the interior remodel of a building to make room for the large magnets that were installed for the MRI machine. Tru-Form hired the necessary subcontractors and coordinated with the engineering and architectural firms to make sure the project was successful. Along with this high-profile project, TFC has built several stick-frame commercial structures such as the Deadwood Cold Storage Building project completed in 2012.

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