Our Team

Administrative Team


Matthew J. Leon – Owner/President

Before beginning Tru-Form Construction, Inc. with business partner Jon LaFramboise in April of 1995, Matt spent 8 years working in the Rapid City area for other local contractors. Matt has experience in most facets of commercial construction. Matt has also attended the World of Concrete and the Business Success Blueprint Conference. Matt’s functions include project estimating, project management, and handling day to day operations.

Jon LaFramboise – Owner/Vice-President

Before starting Tru-Form Construction, Inc. Jon spent 5 years employed under other local contractors. In April of 1995 he partnered with Matt Leon and started TFC. Jon has extensive experience in the construction industry, especially in commercial concrete construction. Jon has attended the World of Concrete and the Gomaco Institute and has numerous certifications. Among them are Gomaco’s “Cylinder Finisher” and “GT 3200” certifications, the “SDDOT Erosion and Sediment Control” certification, and the “SDDOT Certified Flagging Trainer” certification. Jon’s primary day to day functions are project estimating, project management, and employee management.


James M. Leon – Project Manager, Estimator

Jim began working at Tru-Form Construction, Inc. in May of 2000 as an unskilled laborer and eventually worked his way up to a skilled form-builder by Aug. of 2006. At that time, Jim moved to Bozeman, Montana and continued working in the residential concrete construction industry while taking courses at MSU. In April of 2011, Jim moved back to Rapid City and started working for TFC again. Well-liked by on-site management and motivated as a concrete finisher, Matt and Jon took Jim in as an estimator in Feb. of 2012. Since then his duties have expanded to project management and general customer service.

Sarah Proefrock – Office Manager

Sarah Proefrock was hired by Tru-Form Construction, Inc. in July of 2011. Sarah has an extensive background in finance and accounting. She has proven to be highly motivated and valuable in overseeing the company’s daily office operations. Her primary function is to provide construction accounting and administrative support throughout the duration of every project.


On-site Management


Billy Holt – Supervisor

Billy Holt began working at Tru-Form Construction, Inc. as an unskilled laborer in May of 1999. Billy was promoted to supervisor within 2 years of his hiring and has continually proven himself to be hard-working, skilled, motivated, and likeable. Billy has played a central role in completing some of our largest projects to date, either as the sole supervisor or alongside other supervisors. Billy has attended the World of Concrete and the Gomaco Institute and has completed courses in “Handling Hot and Cold Weather Concreting” and “Leadership Skills for Construction Contractors”.

Tim Birmeier – Supervisor

Tim Birmeier began his employment at TFC in August of 2001 and was promoted to supervisor in September of 2004. Tim has proven to be very well rounded in many different areas of construction and has been the centerpiece of most of our commercial remodel/expansion projects. He is skilled in many areas of construction including framing, roofing, drywall, flooring, and concrete. Like our other supervisors, Tim is highly motivated and willing to accept a challenge. Tim has attended the World of Concrete and has completed and received the “ACI Flatwork Finisher Certificate”.


Greg Lucca – Supervisor

Greg started working for Tru-Form Construction, Inc. in June of 1997 and is the company’s longest standing employee. From running small and large concrete paving crews to building commercial structures from the ground up, Greg has practically done it all during his employment here. Within the last few years, Greg’s duties have expanded into administrative areas such as handling all the bidding, project management, and billing for our contracts with Montana Dakota Utilities. Greg has attended the World of Concrete and has completed and received the “ACI Flat work Finisher Certificate”, the “ Handling Hot and Cold Weather Concreting” certificate, the “ Basics and Advanced Pattern Stamping” certificate, and the “SDDOT Technical Training in Erosion and Sediment Control” certificate.

Joe Leon – Supervisor

Joe worked intermittently for TFC while completing his college degree from May of 2003 until March of 2007. After college, he started a decorative concrete business where he gained extensive knowledge in stamped, colored, and stained concrete work. In February of 2008, he returned to Tru-Form Construction, Inc. as a concrete finisher and spent approximately 4 years working under TFC’s other supervisors on most of our commercial concrete construction projects. Proving that he was both motivated and willing to take on challenges, he was promoted to supervisor in early 2013. He has headed several projects since then and continues to showcase his ability to manage employees and put out quality work.