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Tru-Form Construction, Inc. has continuously shown success completing construction projects throughout the Black Hills area and beyond. Because of our quality workmanship and timeliness, we boast a long list of satisfied customers who repeatedly contract with us. For TFC, no project is too big or too small.  We are willing and able to meet our customers demands using proven industry standards, courtesy, and professionalism. 

Below are a few projects that showcase our work.



Prime Contractor – Tru-Form Construction, Inc.

2021 Current Contract in Belle Fourche

Project involves handicapped access panel installation and the re-routing of traffic lanes at the intersection of Highways 34 & 85. Including curb and gutter, PCC paving, lights & signals and the removal of the existing merge lanes.

2020 Miscellaneous Improvements Projects

2021 Subcontract with Simon Contractors

This project involves multiple areas of construction, including paving at the landfill. TFC is a subcontractor under the prime contractor, Simons Contractors.

East Blvd North

Completed May 2021

Tru-Form Construction is a subcontractor on this 3-year project which involves constructing new curbs and gutters, storm inlets, a flap gate, colored sidewalks, and over 30,000 square yards of PCC paving. Anticipated completion is spring of 2021.

SDDOT Hwy 79 Turning Lane

Completed October 2020

This project consisted of constructing a new turning lane to the RC Landfill off of Hwy 79.  TFC was responsible for the removals, dirtwork, and paving on the project under the prime contractor, Simon.

Tower Road Project

Completed October 2020

Pavement rehabilitation project that involved removal and replacement of asphalt and concrete and the installation of underdrain.

Western Dakota Tech Siding Replacement

Completed June 2020

Replacing selected damaged metal siding. TFC is the general contractor should be completed with the project in less than three weeks.

Houston Street

Completed May 2020

Tru-Form Construction was a subcontractor on this project which involved approximately 2000 cubic yards of PCC paving. All 2000 yards were completed within a 1 month window.

L.O.V.E. Inc

Completed April 2020

Tru-Form Construction worked with L.O.V.E. Inc. on their building on Omaha Street to remove sections of parking lot and replace with PCC Paving, Curb and Gutter and sidewalks. Tru-Form donated the materials, and equipment.

Disk Dr and Haines Ave Intersection

Completed April 2020

Tru-Form Construction is the prime contractor on this project. The project involved the removal and replacement of PCC paving on the entire intersection with new traffic signals.  Anticipated completion is April 2020.

Jungck House

Completed April 2020

Tru-Form Construction is the prime contractor for this project. We worked with the owners to provide a quality project while keeping costs to a minimum.