7875 Black Hawk Road

Black Hawk, SD 57718


Concrete Construction

When Tru-Form Construction, Inc. first opened it’s doors, it was known for completing the bulk of it’s work as a concrete subcontractor under larger construction firms within the Black Hills region.  Today, TFC is still known for it’s excellent concrete subcontracting, but has also become a highly competitive force in the acquisition of larger municipal, state, and commercial contracts.

Start to Finish

Tru-Form Construction, Inc. will work with you from start to finish to complete your projects. We can prep your site, excavate for buildings, pour structural concrete, backfill, prep parking lots and install curb and gutter and paving. We will also work with you and your subcontractors to ensure a smooth project.

Building for the Black Hills

Tru-Form Construction is a locally owned and operated contracting company located in the beautiful Black Hills of SD. The bulk of our work consists of site improvement projects (building foundations, sidewalks, curbs, paving, grading, etc.), however we have also been building a reputation for managing ‘ground-up’ commercial construction projects. Our crews and project management team can handle everything from earth-moving, foundations, and slabs; to framing, interior finishes, openings, and landscaping.

Government Contracts

Tru-Form Construction, Inc. has shown great success in completing local and state government projects on time and within budget.  Government contracts can be known for their stringent specifications and tight schedules.  However, TFC has consistently shown that even under these constraints, it can complete projects on time and within the tolerances set per the local, state, or national specifications.

Engaged and Reliable

Customer satisfaction is Tru-Form’s #1 priority.  We firmly believe that a happy client is a repeat client and we continue to build our success on our ability to remain engaged and reliable.  Whether your project has fallen behind and your looking for us to help you catch up, or you just have tight specifications to adhere to, TFC will make it our priority to keep your project moving forward.