Who We Are

Tru-Form Construction, Inc. was formed in 1995 by Matthew Leon and Jon LaFramboise. The company got it’s start by completing projects under other local contractors as a concrete subcontractor. From there, TFC moved into general contracting on smaller concrete-intensive projects for both businesses and municipal entities. Now, TFC has extended it’s capabilities into other areas of the commercial and governmental construction markets, heading both large scale street projects and small-scale commercial building projects.

What was once a small operation of 2 now employs a year-round average of 20 to 40 full-time laborers, tradesmen, equipment operators, and foremen. TFC has also expanded in recent years to include 4 full-time administrative employees to handle payroll, customer service, and estimation/project management.


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Our Values

Our main goal as a contractor and as citizens of our community is to maintain the highest ethical standards of honesty and integrity in our business and personal dealings.

The collective efforts of individuals will produce extraordinary results. Being a cooperative member of a team will result in achievements beyond one’s own capabilities.

Balanced lives will make for a better, more productive workplace. All of Tru-Form Construction, Inc. employees are encouraged to balance their faith, family, community, and individual needs with their work.

Continued success depends on the ability of a company to attract and motivate leaders with character. If we invest in people who have integrity and motivation, success will be the natural outcome.

Our Mission Statement

To generate a profit by providing excellent construction services to our customers through principled leadership and technical competence while providing a meaningful work environment for our employees.